NOVA 26 Metal Detector

Top of the class metal detector for professional use. LCD-display. Very light, only 1.2 kg.

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This new model with LCD-display is a top class professional metal detector. Very clear and easy to use model with very excessive list of frills. This is a perfect tool for every hobbyist and professional. Ergonomic design and light structure makes this a dream tool. Adjustable sensitivity and ability to specify different metals is top of the class. Three different operations modes: ”All metal” - , ”Disc” and ”Notch” detect different types of metals. 200 mm wide, waterproof search head. Accurate manual calibration makes this even more accurate tool in different conditions. Adjustable length, and elbow rest, makes this suit any user perfectly. Works with AA-batteries (8 pcs.). Stereo headphone jack. Weight only 1.2 kg. Warranty 2 years.

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NOVA 26 Metal Detector

NOVA 26 Metal Detector